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Romance Reader Sticker Pad

Romance Reader Sticker Pad

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The Romance Reader Sticker Pad is a collection of 701 of planner stickers celebrating all things romance.
Included you will find:
- 2 Sheet of Romance Themed Doodles
- 2 Sheet of Romance Themed Quotes
- 2 Sheet of Trope Candy Hearts
- 2 Sheet of Spice Rating stickers
- 2 Sheet of Heart Ratings
- 2 Sheet Started/Finished (Full Colour and Script)
- 1 Sheet of Currently Reading (unique colour scheme)
- 1 Sheet of Mini Book Icons (new design)
- 1 Sheet of Mini E-Book Icons (new design)
- 1 Sheet of Mini Audiobook Icons (new design)


Sticker pad and sheets included are 5 x 7"


This sticker pad contains 16 sheets of 701 stickers printed on matte sticker paper.

Please note: The tops of the sticker sheet are bound together with glue which may come loose with extended use or force.