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Dashed Boxes - Colour Set 1 - Matte Planner Stickers

Dashed Boxes - Colour Set 1 - Matte Planner Stickers

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*Recently Updated to Matte Paper

This sticker sheet includes 16 colourful dashed boxes.

9 x Large Dashed Colourful Boxes with 3 colour tones in an ombre effect (3 stickers in each colour in 3 different tones - light, medium and bright)
7 x Medium Dashed Boxes in Grey


Each sticker sheet is approx 5"x 7"


Printed on a matte paper.

This listing is for "Colour Set 1" with colours that coordinate to the first 3 months of our planners (blue, pink and green). Dashed boxes are available in different sets and can be used to colour coordinate with each month but can also be used freely throughout the planner.